03 February 2009

swept away

ICEHOTEL / Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
Suite 320 of the 2007/2008 ICEHOTEL. Now in its 19th year, the ICEHOTEL is an annual construction feat using nothing more than the snowflakes that fall to the ground and ice carved out of the nearby River Torne - incorporating the expertise and experience of builders, designers and artists from around the world. From start to finish, the ICEHOTEL takes approximately six weeks to create with each year bringing a completely new design. This room was designed by two artists from Bulgaria; one a sculptor and the other an architect. A truly amazing experience.

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Anonymous said...

Scooch over a bit, Superman. You're hogging the bed. I know this is your "Fortress of Solitude" but you're the one who invitided me. You think I could just fly here on my own? Have some manners. Get me some lingonberry juice or something. It's nippy in here.