29 July 2009

this is the end. beautiful friend

Yes, faithful fan(s), this is the end of Exposure Factor as you know it. This website was created exactly one year ago (365 postings) as a means of sharing the fun I have behind the lens but because of my increasingly crazy work/travel schedule, it has made a daily posting become more of a chore at times. And when that happens, it's time to reconsider. So from here on out, I'll be posting on a less frequent basis - not yet sure what that will be. I'm just starting to delve into HDR (high dynamic range) photography and shot alot while I was in Copenhagen this past weekend - so stay tuned. There could be some fun results.

28 July 2009

what do you call yourself?

Scharlooweg / Willemstad, Curaçao
A friendly ... There is no name for a person coming from Curaçao. How stupid is that? Someone from America is an American, someone from Venezuela is a Venezuelan, someone from Curaçao is, well, someone from Curaçao.

27 July 2009

cow power

Wind Turbine Farm / Quebrada Azul ,Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a country rich with renewable energy. In fact, it gets about 99% of all its electrical energy from clean sources and it’s aiming to be the first country to become carbon neutral. If you've ever stood behind a cow for any period of time you know what kind of wind power they are capable of.

26 July 2009


Gas Street Basin / Birmingham, England
Even the canal system in city centre Birmingham has a roundabout. I used to refer to them as "suicide circles" when I lived outside of Boston because you required a death wish to enter one - fearing for one's life. Not so here; the Brits are much more civilized about the whole roundabout process - painfully so. Go - will you!

25 July 2009

barrelful of.. rumbullion

Needham's Point / Bridgetown, Barbados
Within the walls of an old fortress were a number of barrels - I'd like to think a one point in time they had been full of some good casked Barbadian rum.

24 July 2009

stuck on the detail

Puente de la Mujer / Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Puente de la Mujer ("Woman's Bridge") is a footbridge in the Puerto Madero district of Buenos Aires that spans the Rio de la Plata. It is unique in that is an asymmetrical arrangement with a single mast. Cables suspended a portion of the bridge which rotates 90 degrees in order to allow water traffic to pass.

23 July 2009

alien adventures

Selfridges @ the Bull Ring / Birmingham, England
Still one of the quirkiest examples of mainstream pop architecture, Selfridges gives off a particularly alien feel at night when the aluminum disks which cover the outside of the structure begin to give off a blue glow - reminding me of some far off one-eyed space aliens. It's a 2 minute walk from my flat in Brum and I never tire of shooting it - always an interesting shot.

22 July 2009


Pollywogg Hollër / Belmont, New York
Beware of the
Hollër - 'nuf said!

21 July 2009

still life

Somewhere in the Imagination
Figured I'd shake things up a bit from the norm - fun with Photoshop.

20 July 2009

oh, what a weekend it wasn't

Circus World Museum / Baraboo, Wisconsin
This mirrored reflection from the side of a circus train car sadly is not a reflection of my wild & crazy weekend here in Brum - I worked all day saturday - it rained all day sunday. Though I did go see Brüno. You know, Americans (or is it just southern rednecks) seem even more stupider when you are watching them in a foreign country. Zahh Brüno izzahh da nutzlich.

19 July 2009

wheels of the [circus train] go round and round

Circus World Museum / Baraboo, Wisconsin
A trip to Baraboo, WI is not complete without a visit to Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey Circus World Museum - which also served as the former headquarters and winter home of the Greatest Show on Earth. Step right up - spin the wheel - win the little lady a prize!

18 July 2009

star power

Woburn Road Gardens / Ampthill, England
And one more from my stroll through the village of Ampthill last weekend. I liked the star pattern - pretty cool.

17 July 2009

flower power

Woburn Road Garden / Ampthill, England
In continuing the floral theme I've got going here at the moment, another shot from the english gardens I came across while walking through the village of Ampthill last weekend. Purple is a powerful color in nature - even in this soft and muted shade of violet.

16 July 2009

an english buzz

Woburn Road Garden / Ampthill, England
Last weekend while working in Bedfordshire, I took a break and had a nice walk through the quaint village of Ampthill which I am told is quintessential England. I came upon a string of thatched roof cottages - each with lovely english gardens in the front. These bees were equally enjoying the sunshine.

15 July 2009

alien beauty

Paget Road / Madison, Wisconsin
Spent a long and relaxing 4th of July weekend in Madison - much of which took place within the beautiful outdoor patio space of our friends' backyard. I'm not sure what these interesting flowers are - but I had a fun time photographing them.

14 July 2009

which way to the beach

Sandland / Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
This is where I should be. Basking in the sun, lounging about making sandcastles.
Sandland in PEI was worth the visit (hope they bring it back this year). It was an outdoor sculpture museum - seasonal of course. It wasn't a big place, but they did have some impressive pieces as well as a little sandpit for the kiddies. It'd be a shame if they discontinued it.

13 July 2009


Barbados Hilton Hotel (Needham's Point) / Bridgetown, Barbados
Invading sailors, beware! The Barbados Hilton Hotel will take any means necessary to keep its azure oceanfront waters protected from limeys.

12 July 2009


Pollywogg Hollër / Belmont, New York
A weekend without internet access makes me a little bit stir crazy.

11 July 2009


Temple Bar / Dublin, Ireland
As grey and dreary as Dublin can be at times, the colors of the Temple Bar area always serve as a "pick me up" - lots of happy drunks.

10 July 2009

reopened for business

Washington Square Park / New York, New York
The first phase of the Washington Square Park reconstruction, which began December 10, 2007, was reopened last month. Phase two will include substantial landscaping and some regrading to improve sight lines across the space. About the only object that is not being touched by the reconstruction is the marble arch, modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, constructed in 1892.

09 July 2009

chinese lanterns

Canal Street [堅尼街] / New York, New York
Unlike most other urban Chinatowns, Manhattan's Chinatown is both a residential area as well as commercial area. Most population estimates are in the range of 90,000 to 100,000 residents making it the second most populous Chinatown after San Francisco. Canal Street, west of Broadway (especially on the North side), is filled with Chinese street vendors notoriously known for selling imitation perfumes, watches, and hand-bags, which are largely purchased by tourists.

08 July 2009

pick a peck of peppers

Wilhelmina Bridge / Willemstad, Curaçao
These Venezuelan growers load their boats full of produce very early every morning and travel the forty some miles from the Venezuela coast to Willemstad to sell their fruits and vegetables at the open air markets.

07 July 2009

tiny people

Tobago Cays / Southern Grenadines
Big boat - tiny people. Embiggen (click to enlarge) to find the lil' ones.

06 July 2009

red bicycle

Ulica Kanonicza / Krakow, Poland
One of Krakow's most picturesque streets, Ulica Kanonicza, up until the 14th century was lined with mansions of noblemen. Then the palatial residences of Krakow's canons and prelates moved in with a number of buildings still belonging to the Church. From 1951 to 1963, Father Karol Wojtyla (Pope Paul II) dwelled at 19-21 Kanonicza.

05 July 2009

scrummin' - on a sunday afternoon

Wards Island / New York, New York
What better way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon than scrumming with a pack of your best mates. Me, I'd rather be on the sidelines watching.

04 July 2009

park with a view

Letenske Sady / Prague, Czech Republic
Just underneath Prague Castle, there is a sloping hill that goes from one park-like garden to another. The biggest of these gardens is Letenske Sady. This is a view from the park looking out over Old Town Prague and the River Vltava. Under the Communists, the park was used mainly for May Day parades, and once housed the largest statue of Stalin in the world before it was blown up in 1962.

03 July 2009

water nymph at rest

Margit-szigete / Budapest, Hungary
Otherwise known as Margaret Island, this park land area is a 225 acre, 1.4 miles long island in the middle of the Danube, conveniently located between Buda and Pest. The Japanese Gardens are particularly striking - and tranquil.

02 July 2009

reflections of progress

Livery Street / Birmingham, England
Reflections of something old, something new, and something yet to come. Not sure what the "something yet to come" is but the cranes were busy at work. Perhaps when I am back in Brum next week it will be identifiable.

01 July 2009

passionately purple too

La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica
Another - to go with the other.