23 February 2009

queen of the thames

Thames Embankment / London, England
Boudica, derived from the Celtic word for victory, was a queen of the Iceni tribe of what is now known as East Anglia in England, who in AD 60 led an uprising of the tribes against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. However, it was not until the Victorian era that Boudica's fame took on legendary proportions as Queen Victoria was seen to be Boudica's "namesake". Alfred, Lord Tennyson, wrote a poem, Boadicea, and several ships were named after her. As a more permanent memorial, a great bronze statue of Boudica with her daughters in her war chariot was completed in 1905 and stands next to Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. Shadowed against the London Eye, Queen Boudica looks quite imposing.

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Anonymous said...

Rise up, my minions. For we shall conquer the world en masse. I've got a horse and spear!