05 February 2009

kiwi sunrise

Lanarch Castle / Dunedin, New Zealand
This was the spectacular view of the Otago Peninsula from our room at Lanarch Castle. The Otago Peninsula is a long, rugged finger of land that forms the easternmost part of Dunedin, New Zealand. Volcanic in origin, it forms one wall of the collapsed crater that now forms Otago Harbour, part of which you can see on the left side. The peninsula lies due east of Otago Harbour and runs parallel to the mainland for approximately 30 km. The peninsula is home to many species of wildlife and ecotourism is an increasingly important part of its economy. This is where you will find the rarest of penguins, the yellow-eyed.

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Anonymous said...

Wake up. Pick a kiwi. Meditate on the sunrise over a pastoral landscape. Does it get any better in NZ?