24 September 2008

that old black magic

Wollman Rink @ Central Park / New York, New York
Magic - it ain't what it used to be. Last night we took a walk to see what David Blaine was up (errrr, upside down) to this time. He was approximately 33 hours in to his latest stunt of hanging upside down (sorta) suspended over Central Park for 60 hours - which will end around 10:30 this evening with his "Dive of Death". While I mean no discredit to the guy - his ability to endure the absurd is phenomenal - this one appears to be less than tantalizing. Whether originally planned on is hard to say, but over the hour we were there, he took several 5-10 minute breaks where he uprighted himself and stepped into the basket of a cherry picker. Apparently, he needs to do this because the kidneys (as well as other body organs) were not designed to function upside down. No surprise. While upright, his team of doctors also check his vitals, etc. Hey, everybody needs to make a buck - and that's no day job.

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