11 September 2008

dmb @ msg

Madison Square Garden / New York / New York
I remember first hearing Dave Matthews Band on the radio in 1993 while living in Richmond, Virginia. The song getting significant airplay at the time was "Tripping Billies", from a live recording at The Flood Zone in Richmond. Apparently, the name "Tripping Billies" came to be when a critic told Dave Matthews that his band sounded like "a bunch of hillbillies tripping on acid". I remember having somewhat the same thoughts, especially the hillbilly part, but at the same time thinking what an incredible sound. Last night's Stand Up for a Cure concert at MSG to benefit 911 first responders struggling with lung cancer and other lung related diseases was no disappointment. They are still one of the tightest bands around with the ability to maintain an amazing "jam" factor.


Kate said...

you are too cool for me dad :)

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