30 September 2008

caution .. pink is for boys

West 3rd Street / New York, New York
For centuries, European children were dressed in blue because the color was associated with the Virgin Mary. I have read that the use of pink and blue emerged at the turn of the 20th century with the rule being pink for boys, blue for girls! Since pink was a stronger color it was best suited for boys; blue was more delicate and dainty and best for girls. And in 1921, the Women's Institute for Domestic Science in Pennsylvania endorsed pink for boys, blue for girls. I am told that my grandmother Harriet entered an essay contest on this subject matter (pink for boys - blue for girls) and won the contest with a cash prize of $1000 - alot of money back in the 30's. One could argue that contemporary color symbolism confirms these associations. Blue is considered a calm, passive color and more feminine. Pink (a derivative of red) is considered active and hence more masculine. Let the sexism debate continue.

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Kate said...

I wish I had a pink bike!