27 September 2008

not yet ready for primetime

Bodegas Salentein / Tunuyán, Argentina
Ahhhhhh, Argentinian wine. Sunny days and cool nights in the foothills of the Andes makes for near perfect growing conditions resulting in both excellent and affordable vino. It doesn't get much better than spending a few days touring the vineyards in and around Mendoza - even better when you have a friend who owns vineyards there and knows well the other vintners. Alfredo took us to several different bodegas (wineries) where we experienced first hand the art of winemaking. This shot was taken deep underground in the aging cellars of Bodegas Salentein. At Salentein, stainless-steel tanks hold the newly-pressed wine before bottling in four separate wings of the building, each of which operates autonomously. Eight meters below ground level, the four wings form the shape of a cross, meeting in a subterranean central amphitheater where the subdued light on circular rows of oak barrels creates a cathedral-like atmosphere. Beautiful with an old world feel to it.

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