30 October 2008

windows of rome

Via Della "Unknown" / Rome, Italy
While in Rome a few years back, I became totally enamored by the windows of this beautiful city. I walked the streets for hours shooting these openings into a world which seemed very foreign, yet very comfortable, to me. The subject matter was endless with each one unique in its color and design. My intent was to come back and paint a series of watercolors of them - perhaps someday. And sadly, I had written down the location of each shot so that I could identify it in some way but those scribblings are no where to be found. Kind of like my jury summons to appear for State Court next Monday here in NYC - I have NO idea where it is. It's a habit of mine that I should work on, I guess.

1 comment:

dewaun.simmons said...

nice color and textures. The semi-open window shutters really add to the feel. Nice photo work.