31 October 2008

a new york minute

East 23rd & Broadway Subway Station / New York, New York
Last night after dinner at Angelo & Maxies Steakhouse (eh..), Chas and I went to get on the subway at Madison Square Park to head home. While standing next to the tracks waiting for the approaching R/W train, he looked at me and said "ummm, someone is drawing you" which, of course, caused me to immediately turn and look. Sitting on the bench about 5 feet away was a very pleasant guy with a sketch pad in his lap who, yes, was drawing me. He smiled and kept drawing. About a minute later, he very politely handed me the drawing - I was quite impressed. And then I noticed written at the top "Please tip if that's okay with you". He got two bucks and I got a quick sketch capturing a genuine New York minute.

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