15 October 2008

a colosseum of more modern times

Bankside / London, United Kingdom
While approaching the Tate Modern, the visual impact of this building reminded me strongly of the Roman Colosseum - except with much more vertical lines. And I thought, how perfect for today's urban environment with its compact footprint. I have no idea what the actual function of the building is and had I'd had more time I would have liked to have investigated further. It has the large open window fenestration of an industrial factory but the small circular layout would be totally impractical to fabricating just about anything, I'd imagine, except perhaps something .. round? I'd like to think it's now some very cool and VERY expensive loft-type living space.

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dewaun.simmons said...

Well, that's a cool building! But I imagine the staircase in that building have witnessed more suicides than most other places -- a circular staircase that tall might tend to make most batty!

Nice shot!