02 October 2008

looking back

Bratislava hlavná stanica / Bratislava, Slovakia
Since the Middle Ages, Bratislava has served as one of the primary traffic crossroads between Budapest, Vienna, Prague and other cities to the north. The capital city sits on the banks of the Danube River and is the only national capital that borders two countries - Austria and Hungary. We made a brief morning stop in the capital city while traveling from Vienna to Budapest. It was a very wet, dreary sort of day - not particularly conducive to walking though we did our share. Most of our time was focused on Bratislava Castle and nearby Old Town which was very medieval in its architecture and street design. After several hours of wandering, we grabbed a cab to Bratislava hlavná stanica where we stood and waited for the 12:30 to Budapest. The train was nearly as empty as the train platform.

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