17 March 2009

zig then zag then zig

Bratislava Castle / Bratislava, Slovakia
The steps leading up to Bratislava Castle are reflective of my morning drive into the office; it seems every road is under construction with one lane or the other closed. I decided last night to map out an alternate way in - google maps told me it would be about 15-20 minutes longer than my normal route but I figured I'd otherwise be sitting in traffic anyways. No sooner had I ventured past the point of no return on my alternate route when I came face to face with - road closed - with no detour direction. At that point I zigged and zagged through small little villages in the Black Country only to end up right at the major congestion point of my original route.


Anonymous said...

I'll just wait at the bottom, thanks.

Shangrilasearcher said...

You are one resourceful guy and smart too for figuring out another way. Nice post!