06 March 2009

c'est gen fou anglaise

Les Sans Coulette East / New York, New York
Olive trees. Apple trees. Sausage trees. Excusez-moi?? Yes, last night we had dinner with out of town friends at Les Sans Coulette (which basically translates to No Pants) in Midtown East where the house appetizer is .. a sausage tree. French bread, mustard, paté, pickles, a crudité consisting of an entire basket of fresh whole raw vegetables - and a sausage tree. By the time we finished the appetizer, there was little room for dinner. Nevertheless, I managed to consume a perfectly edible chicken cordon bleu. C'est la vie!


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Anonymous said...

Who said meat doesn't grow on trees? Gotta give them props for ingenuity. If only the sausage tasted better. A bit tough. How often does one need to water a sausage tree? Low light or direct?