08 March 2009

the older I get - the better I look

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum / New York, New York
Yesterday was one of those amazing NYC teaser days - where you know it is technically still Winter yet it is 68 degrees outside. I took the opportunity (even though by the time I got out it had started to grey over) and spent the afternoon walking the city from the Upper East Side to the West Village. My first stop was the newly renovated Guggenheim Museum on 5th Avenue at E. 89th. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and one of the 20th century's most important architectural landmarks, the structure recently completed an extensive three year renovation. The Museum, which opened in 1959, will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year - and looks better than ever.

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Anonymous said...

The Guggenheim looks like it was originally desgined as a parking garage. That's not a slight. I like spiral twist of most parking garages. In fact, why don't they have art in parking garages? Spruce things up a bit!