27 January 2009

why go bald

South Great Georges Street / Dublin, Ireland
A landmark well-known to Dubliners since the 1960's, this city centre neon sign, which had been destined for demolition was restored in 1999 to its former glory. It was about to be removed and dumped when a group of preservationists pushed for its restoration instead. The classic retro sign has since appeared in the films "A Man of No Importance" and "Educating Rita". It is apparently Bono's (U2) favorite Dublin landmark - but based on the many photos of Bono, it wouldn't appear he's a client - or at least not for hair loss.


CrankyProfessor said...

This is your second neon shot in a week! You need a tag for either 'neon' or 'signage'!

I think I prefer the Park Here as a photograph, but I'd love to see this one lit up!

ex factor said...

I know - I had made a mental note when I came across it wandering that I needed to come back and shoot it at night - but the Guinness got the best of me and I forgot. Here it is on youtube.


Anonymous said...

Why go bald? Why not!