02 January 2009

expanding waistlines

Kenmare Street (Nolita) / New York, New York
New Years resolution #1 - no more eating. With a houseful for the past week-plus, it has been non-stop eating testing out lots of new recipes. Everyone is happier for it - though several pounds heavier. Speaking of which, this photo was shot during a late night run to Little Italy to satisfy one of the kid's cannoli craving. And of course we had to determine which was better - "the best cannoli on planet earth" vs. "#1 cannoli king" - the cannoli king was a clear winner. Whew - it will be awhile before I hit the Corner Deli which I hear has awesome chicken tacos and hibiscus lemonade on the fly. Mmmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Corner Deli? Looks mm-mmm good!