06 January 2009

city centroid

Council House on Victoria Square / Birmingham, England
The gilded dome of the Birmingham City Council House sits on Victoria Square and is often referred to as the centroid of Birmingham City Centre. It serves as the point from which local road sign distances are measured. The classical style building was completed in 1879 and has since been expanded several times with the first expansion (1883) designed to include the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery which has the largest collection of works by Edward Jones-Burne in the world. Jones-Burne, a Brum native, was a close associate of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood movement; a group of artists whose intention was to reform art away from the more classical poses and compositions of Raphael and others of his time. And for a bit of personal trivia - according to the small plaque outside my front door, my current apartment here is within the structure designated as the birthplace and childhood home of Edward Jones-Burne.

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