28 December 2008

yoga - not for christians!

Watchtower Society / Brooklyn, New York
From lower Manhattan, one can gaze across the the East River to Brooklyn Heights where the Watchtower Society owns significant waterfront property. Well, not unsurprisingly, those friendly Jehovah's Witness folks that you turn off the lights and hide in the bathroom for when you see them walking up your steps are not big fans of yoga. Is yoga suitable for Christians? Well, the Watchtower advises that for those simply exercising for the sake of their health, there are many avenues available that do not involve exposure to the evils of spiritism and occultism. Beware, you mat rats!

1 comment:

TheCrankyProfessor said...

Well, the logical rejoinder is to ask if JWs are particularly *Christian* - they deny the Trinity, after all. I lump 'em with Mormons.