23 December 2008

learn to ollie

Building Stencil Graffiti / Bucharest, Romania
Stencil graffiti, which first began to appear as a graffiti genre in the mid-80's, can be found all over Bucharest these days. And because I know you ladies want to know - some tips on how to become a sk8ter girl:
  • Start off with a good skateboard; not one from Wal-Mart.
  • Get some skater gear and neat skater shoes.
  • Don't focus on your looks or you will be called a poser.
  • Talk to the dudes.
  • Don't hang out with the skaters, wear the clothes and then say you are one - unless you are - because real skater girls can skate.
  • Get a hair cut.
  • Wear a street hat.
  • Don't be full of yourself.
  • Learn to Ollie.

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