21 December 2008

turbulent times

Taiaroa Head / Otago Peninsula, New Zealand
Taiaroa Head is a headland at the end of the Otago Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand, overlooking the mouth of the Otago Harbour. Besides its incredible natural beauty, the cape is home to a colony of over 100 Northern Royal Albatrosses - the only such colony in the world on an inhabited mainland. The peninsula is also home to many forms of marine life such as fur seals, sea lions, and the largest colony of little or blue penguins remaining - almost small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. One of the world's rarest penguins and some say the most ancient of all living penguins, the yellow-eyed penguin, also makes its breeding habitat on the peninsula which is the primary reason this area was a "must see" on our itinerary. These 20"-30" tall penguins, some reaching over 20 years in age, did not disappoint us.

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