12 November 2008

hey bartender

New York Bar / Port Elizabeth, Bequia
I'd like to introduce you to Roni, the friendliest bartender in Bequia. She's a beautiful woman with a wonderfully mischievous smile - who got us deliriously drunk. We met a friend from NYC in Bequia who was working Peace Corps on St. Vincent. It was a fun afternoon on an incredibly laid back and beautiful island. Word of warning - Sunset VSR (very strong rum) , distilled on neighboring St. Vincent, is 84.5% alcohol. From the distiller "The robust youthful spirit of this rum has a delectable flavour. Local enthusiasts drink it straight or with a chaser, while others prefer it with a mixer such as fresh coconut water, fruit juice or cola. It can also be used as a food preservative and is ideal for rich fruit cakes." Yeah - right - also works well as an embalming fluid. I'd place it right up there with jet fuel.

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