20 November 2008

the hands of time

York Minster / York, England
I love the cathedrals of Europe. They are incredibly imposing structures, dominating the local skyline (at least before the infill of modern development). And the interior spaces are truly breathtaking. York, a very charming walled city founded by the Romans with a rich Viking history, has one of the best. The York Minster is a Gothic cathedral with parts of the structure dating back to the early 1200's. It is the second largest of its kind in Northern Europe with the largest being the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. The cathedral also has two bell towers - one of the things I love most - with one bell (Great Peter) weighing over 10 tons. Hearing church bells is very calming to me and brings back good memories of being at my grandmother's as a child, lying in bed and listening to the church bells on the quarter hour from Westminster College.

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