03 April 2009

picture not required

Puke Pub / Pukekura, New Zealand
The owners of Puke (think "cookie" though the logical pronunciation probably holds true, as well) Pub have made innovative use of their township’s location slam bang in the middle of the South Island bush: their pub specializes in local ‘wild food’. Roadkill of the Day heads the menu. ‘You kill it, we’ll grill it.’ There are also Bambi burgers. But the Puke Pub’s speciality is possums. New Zealand’s authorities have been trying for nearly 60 years to eradicate their country’s most despised pest and the Puke Pub is doing its bit to help. The Pub serves its possums in pies, or cooked up into a dish called Guess the Mess (possum, pita bread, salad and quirky sauce). And ladies, take note in these hard economic times, employment available - picture not required.


Anonymous said...

Very difficult to pronounce Puke like "cookie" when pronouncing it like PUKE is so much more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a "you kill it, we grill it." T-Shirt. I didn't know that there were that many Road Kill Cafe's in the world.