26 April 2009

marathon man

Flora London Marathon / London, England
Today was the London Marathon - low 60's and brilliant sunshine - a perfect day for spectating. These runners were captured passing under the Jubilee Bridge at about the 25.5 mile mark - just a half mile (plus 385 yards) to go. Up until 1908 a marathon was 26 miles - but is now 26 miles, 385 yards. Why you may ask? Because, for the 1908 Olympics in London, it was decided that the royal family needed a better view of the finish line. The organizers added an extra 385 yards to the race so the finish line would be in front of the royal box. I guess it was that or "off with their heads". This extra 385 yards was adopted as the "official" marathon distance in 1921. Oh, and no surprise - a Kenyan won with a time of 2:05. An American did make the top 10.

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56691 looks like he's still stylin' and strong.

54929 not so much.