12 August 2008

sleeping with dragons

Suite 319 - ICEHOTEL / Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
Where else but 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle can you sleep with dragons. The ICEHOTEL, constructed from huge ice blocks harvested from the Torne River, is a living art museum by day and a fully functioning hotel by night .. for 4 months every year. By mid-April, the last guests depart and the meltdown begins with the arctic sun blazing overhead. The cycle repeats itself year after year, with each new winter bringing a compelling new design pulled together from the contributions of talented artists around the world. And yes, it's cold - the hotel maintains a constant minus 5-7 °C inside. But to be woken up in the morning and served warm lingonberry juice bedside chases any lingering chills away. Truly unforgettable.


Anonymous said...

Great futuristic stuff
Regards, Holger.

exfactor said...

Thanks - it was very dreamlike being there with every room a different fantasy frozen in ice and snow.